3 days Express Tour

3 DAY EXPRESS TOUR most sold tour in last 5 years .Many customer glad to visit many sightseeing ,historical places in short time .In this tour you will visit a Famous destinations of Mongolia .For example Terelj national park ,Turtle rock , meditation monastery and Zaisan hill .Those places are one of the biggest tourist attraction nearby Ulaanbaatar. If you are looking for a experience of Mongolia in a short time this tour exactly for you .

Day 1

terelj melhii had

Driving to Terelj National Park

Terelj National Park, one way is 75 km, On the way explore Ovoo-the pile of stones, which was set for the god of nature and blue sky. Exploring the beautiful granite rocky hills, nomads home-Ger and their livestock in the pasture, Visit to Protected area, Explore the Turtle Rock, Soft trekking on the green meadow, Hiking to hills, Explore the green valleys, Horse trekking in the surrounding:

*Biggest Chinggis khans statue in the world.
*Zaisan Hill
*Meditation Monastery
*Turtle rock
Overnight stay with a Nomad family experiencing those nomad life style. If you want you also can join Nomad work make a milk product etc..

Day 2


Drive to Kharkhorin via Elsen tasarkhai sand dune

Kharkhorin city Karakorum was the capital of Great Mongolia Empire in thirteenth century. It is located on the right bank of Orkhon river, 360 km south-west of Ulaanbaatar which is the current capital of Mongolia. In 1380, Karakorum was destroyed. But approximately two centuries later, on the same site, there arose the yurt of Avtai Khan, founder of the Erdene Zuu Monastery. Kharkorin city is full of sightseeing and historical Mongolia Ger Hostel.1 Hour camel riding included in price.

Day 3

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

After visit in a Khar Khorum discover a all sightseeing and cultural are.
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.
/Breakfast +Luch/

Economy  Accommodation 1 per person $195 $585
Nomad Family 2 per person $115 $345
3 per person $90 $ 270
Economy    Accommodation 4 per person $75 $225
Nomad Family 5 per person $65 $195
6 per person $60 $180


Standart accommodation 1 per person $240 $720
 Hotel /Tourist camp 2 per person $145 $435
3 per person $110 $330
Standart accommodation 4 per person $95 $285
Hotel/Tourist camp 5 per person $85 $255
6 per person $80 $240


Tour includes 
*Accommodation during the trip.
*Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol.
*English speaking tour assistant/cook.
*All meals as displayed in the itinerary.
*Bottled water supply for for every day.
*Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums.
*Visa support if needed.
*Camping equipment.
*Horse ,Camel riding.
Tour not includes
*International or Domestic Airfare*Personal items
*Chinggis Khaan statue complex entrance
*Alcoholic drinks & snacks
*Travel insurance
*Service tip