Birthplace of Genghis khan and Great Gobi tour

Day 1 Drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu Today our tour of Genghis Khan birthplace starts. Baga Gazriin chuluu over 20 kinds of medical herbs like burnet, many kinds of world rare animals like marmot, ibex and mountain sheep. Also you can see Bolort Cave, eye treatment spa, rock images, petro glyphs, burial mounds many other [...]
Day 1

baga gazar danistanomads birthplace genghis khan

Drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Today our tour of Genghis Khan birthplace starts. Baga Gazriin chuluu over 20 kinds of medical herbs like burnet, many kinds of world rare animals like marmot, ibex and mountain sheep. Also you can see Bolort Cave, eye treatment spa, rock images, petro glyphs, burial mounds many other sightseeing. There is a ruin of Choir monastery which was established by “Zaya” Damdin, a famous ancient historical, religious and scientific researcher. On the way we will stop for a lunch next to Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain . And it will be great to have a lunch next to beautiful nature scene and then we will continue to drive to fist campsite of our trip . First night in a Nomad Ger

( Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner)

Day 2

tsagaan suvraga danistanomads

Drive to White Stupa

After having a breakfast and pack all camping stuff we will drive to Tsagaan Suvraga. The name Tsagaan Suvarga(White Stupa)is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliff which is eroded by natural phenomenon. Having 10 million years history, the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. It is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city.Stay overnight in a Nomad family. This is real chance to get to know about a nomad life also be a part of it.

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner)

Day 3

Zagiin Us Nature Reserve

Zagiin Us is a Nature Reserve of Mongolia for keeping its natural beauty of Zag (means saxual) Forest. Its squire is 2736 km sq and is protected since 1996. The main protected animals in this park are black-tailed Gazelle, White Gazelle, Small Lizard, Wild Camel and Gobi Bear. The park is good place for wildlife watching, trekking and jeep safari.

Overnight Tent or Nomad Ger

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner )

Day 4

Drive to Tsonjiin Chuluu

Tsonjiin Chuluu  rocks located on the steppe at a distance of 160 km from Sainshand town. The rocks are composed of six-sided basalt pillars of volcanic origin that look like a set of organ pipes standing on the flat steppe. Tsonjiin Chuluu rocks are considered one of the wonders of the south Gobi region and overnight in a Tent.

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner)

Day 5

Khamriin Hiid ,World Energy Center

This historical sites including Hamariin Hiid monastery, where 19th century great poet playwright Damzabrabja staged his famous “Saran Huhuu” in 1830. Burdene Bulag sand dunes are some of the largest and most extensive dunes in the Gobi.Danzanravjaa the let all his disciples gather in the midst of many colored hills nearby the Hamriin Hiid Monastery to make proportional drawings of the Shambala Land. They created a meditation practice land with wooden stupas, a door and a heap of stones. At that place, His Holiness uttered prayers to meet with his all disciples in the Holy Shambala Land. That’s why this place is known as the Shambala Land and became one of the holiest places for prostration and circumambulation nowadays. Overnight Ger camp

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner )

Day 6

Drive To Chinggis City

Mongolian Parliament, State Great Khural, renamed the city Chinggis City on November 18, 2013 in honor of Genghis Khan, who was born and possibly buried in the same province north of the city.And overnight in a Local hotel

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner )

Day 7

Uglugchiin Herem

Oglogch Wall is located at the base of Daichin Mountain, 45km southwest of Batshireet soum. The wall, 3km in length, is made entirely of stones without the use of mortar. So, Mongolian-American joint expedition team “Genghis Khan” discovered approximately 60 tombs near the wall. The archeologists believe that Oglochiin Kherem may be a burial place of great Mongolian figures, such as Genghis or Kublai Khan. Overnight in Nomad family or tent

( Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner )

Day 8

Bereeven Monastery

The remains of Bereeven Monastery are located in the depression of the Bereeven Mountains . The monastery was made of granite stone in 1777. The God of “Manzushir” with 3 meters high and 2 meters wide was crafted on the steep and reddish, granite stone is to the south east of the monastery. The main worship hall was built in 1813. It had 32 columns and 3 stairs, which called “Utai gumben” but it has broken beside the wall. It was the religious center of the eastern Khalkh Mongols. The buildings were mainly constructed of stone and wood because of its location near the forests and overnight in Tent

( Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner )

Day 9

Burkhan Haldun Sacred Mountain

Burkhan Khaldun is a mountain of the Khentii Mountains in the Khentii Province of Mongolia. The mountain and/or its proximity are rumored to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan, as well as the purported location of his tomb. It is also the birthplace of one of his most successful generals, Subutai. It had strong religious significance before Genghis Khan made it a powerful landmark and considered the most sacred mountain in Mongolia, because it was first designated as sacred by Genghis Khan

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner) Overnight in a Ger Hostel

Day 10

har zurhnii huh nuur

Khar Zurhnii Blue Lake

Khar Zurkh is a point topped mountain with forest in its shady side and no trees in its front slope. The stone of Ger. ruin with diameter of 15 meters is on the south side of this lake. It would be ruin of the Palace where Genghis Khan was was entitled as a Khan of Mongols in 1189 . The land around the lake is a region as a taiga forest zone and vast depression surrounding mountain ranges

( Breakfast+ Lunch +Dinner) Overnight in a Tent

Day 11

turtle rock danistanomads tour

Drive to Terelj National Park

Terelj National Park, one way is 75 km, On the way explore Ovoo-the pile of stones, which was set for the god of nature and blue sky. Exploring the beautiful granite rocky hills, nomads home-Ger and their livestock in the pasture, visit to Protected area, explore the Turtle Rock, soft trekking on the green meadow, hiking to hills, explore the green valleys and horse trekking in the surrounding

* Biggest Chinggis khans statue in the world

Overnight stay Tourist camp

( Breakfast +Lunch+ Dinner )

Day 12

chinggis khan danistanomads

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

*Meditation Monastery
*Turtle rock
*Zaisan Hill

Economy  Accommodation 1 per person $150 $1800
Nomad Family 2 per person $95 $1140
3 per person $80 $960
Economy    Accommodation 4 per person $70 $840
Nomad Family 5 per person $65 $780
+6 per person $55 $660


Standart accommodation 1 per person $180 $2160
 Hotel /Tourist camp 2 per person $105 $1260
3 per person $90 $1080
Standart accommodation 4 per person $85 $1020
Hotel/Tourist camp 5 per person $75 $900
+6 per person $65 $780


*Accommodation during the trip.
Tour includes 

*Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol.
*English speaking tour assistant/cook.
*All meals as displayed in the itinerary.
*Bottled water supply for for every day.
*Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums.
*Visa support if needed.
*Camping equipment.
*Horse ,Camel riding.
Tour not includes
*International or Domestic Airfare*Personal items
*Chinggis Khaan statue complex entrance
*Alcoholic drinks & snacks
*Travel insurance
*Service tip