13 days Unforgettable and Central Mongolia

It all started from a simple dream of a tour guide to provide affordable and reliable hostel service in Ulaanbaatar capitol city of Mongolia. Like dream never stops with achieving becoming one of the best hostels in Mongolia our dream broadened to create our own brand in tourism industry of Mongolia.
We provide wonderful tours to our guests and We inviting all adventure seekers to enjoy and explore our great nation with us.

Day 1

ugii nuur danistanomads tour

drive to Ugii Lake

On this day we will start our tour at 9 am in the morning and drive to Ugii lake. Ugii lake is located 360 km from Ulaanbaatar. On the way to reach Ugii lake, we will visit to Khustai National Park.
Ugii lake is the one of the big lake of central area. it has 27 km square area. The average depth is 6.64m in some section it is 15.3m. During the summer time, Ugii lake is great opportunity to fishing, bird watching and enjoy the nature and nomad lifestyle.
Overnight at a Tourist Camp

( Breakfast +Lunch+ Dinner )

Day 2

terh white lake Danistanomads

Terkh white lake

White lake is the biggest lake in central area and special highlight of this tour.
The lake is  16 kilometers wide, 20 kilometers in length 20 meters in depth, and 61 square kilometers in this area. The Lake is extremely beautiful with fresh water and rich species of fish and birds.
Overnight at a local ger guest house.

(Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner)

Day 3

Telmen village

On this day we will visit small village Telmen and stay near the river. Over there you can enjoy the real nature.
Overnight at a local family.

(Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner)

Day 4

Otgontenger mountain

On this day we will stay near the Otgontenger mountain. But we won’t climb to the mountain.
Reaching the next destination from Telmen village is bit long. So we will stay over night on the way.Overnight at a local Family

( Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner )

Day 5

Mongol sand dune Ereen lake

Mongol sand dune is located in Zavkhan province. It is considered largest sand dune in Mongolia which is 300s km long. Right next to the sand dune there is one big lake called Ereen lake. This area is the combination of beautiful nature.
Stays in: Tourist Camp

( Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner )

Day 6

Ikh Baga agui

Today we will drive to Ikh and Baga agui which is small and big cave. The caves are located end of the Ikh Khairkhan mountain.
Overnight at a tent

( Breakfast + lunch +dinner)

Day 7

Hyargas lake and Hetsuu had

Khyargas lake is elevated at 1023 m above sea level that is in the south of Uvs province, descended from tectonics, covered 1406.8 km2 square, 75 km length, 31 km width, 253.8 km length shore, 92 m depth of water nearby yellow berry line and in other places about 40-50 m depth in there.
Overnight at a tent

(Breakfast, +Lunch +Dinner)

Day 8

Oigon lake

We will visit Oigon lake
Overnight at a tent.

(Breakfast, +Lunch +Dinner)

Day 9

Tsetserleg village

On this say we will drive to our next destination via the Tsetserleg village. We stay near the beautiful river
Overnight at a local ger guesthouse

(Breakfast +Lunch +Dinner)

Day 10

Khuvsgul lake

Khuvsgul lake is the freshest and deepest lake in Mongolia. It is located in norhern part and near the border of Russia.  The Khuvsgul lake is 1,645 m above sea level, 136 km long and 262 m deep. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, and holds almost 70% of Mongolia’s fresh water and 0.4% of all the fresh water in the world.
Stays in: Tourist camp

( Breakfast,+Lunch +Dinner)

Day 11

Urantogoo mountain

The Urantogoo mountain is an extinct volcano that is another attractive and beautiful destination of Northern area. The peak over 1686 m form a circle-shaped ridge about 500 m across that contains a crater lake at about 20 m wide and 1.5 m deep. The Uran and surrounding others are considered to be the remnant of an extinct  stratovolcano which formed between about 20-25 thousands years ago.
Overnight at a local ger guesthouse


Day 12

Amarbayasgalant monastery

After having breakfast we will drive to one of the ancient monastery Kharkhorin. Also this is the one of the few monasteries that survived intact the purges of the 1930s. After communist had fallen people were eager to revice thier religious tradition. Amarbayasgalant monastery was reestablished and now it stands strong on its remarkable construction.
Overnight at a local family


Day 13

drive back to Ulaanbaatar

On the road you will visit a Greation temple of Mongolia,This is place which has been established a recently but has become most common tourist attraction in last few year .


Economy  Accommodation 1 per person $180 $2340
Nomad Family 2 per person $105 $1365
3 per person $80 $1040
Economy    Accommodation 4 per person $70 $910
Nomad Family 5 per person $65 $845
6 per person $55 $715


Standart accommodation 1 per person $180 $2340
 Hotel /Tourist camp 2 per person $105 $1365
3 per person $90 $1170
Standart accommodation 4 per person $85 $1105
Hotel/Tourist camp 5 per person $75 $975
6 per person $65 $845


*Accommodation during the trip.
Tour includes 

*Driver + 4WD vehicle + Petrol.
*English speaking tour assistant/cook.
*All meals as displayed in the itinerary.
*Bottled water supply for for every day.
*Entrance fees for National Parks and Museums.
*Visa support if needed.
*Camping equipment.
*Horse ,Camel riding.
Tour not includes
*International or Domestic Airfare*Personal items
*Chinggis Khaan statue complex entrance
*Alcoholic drinks & snacks
*Travel insurance
*Service tip