Audiobook version of ‘The Secret History of the Mongols’ donated to U.S Library of Congress


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Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Journalist and broadcaster G.Oyunbat has published an audiobook of ‘The Secret History of Mongols’, which is considered as not only a chronicle for the Mongol Empire, but also invaluable literary heritage, and donated it to the U.S. Library of Congress.

 Alongside his studies at IGlobal University in the U.S., he is working on a video series, ‘Voice of the People’, and implementing a project on bringing unique literary works of Mongolia and the world into audio form. He published the CD audiobook on the occasion of the 780th anniversary of the Secret History of Mongols. 

About the matter, broadcaster G.Oyunbat said, “The audio form of academician Ts.Damdinsuren’s literary rendition of the Secret History of Mongols (1940) will now be stored at the Congress Library. The chronicle is highly significant for our people, and how it is valued will solely depend on us. Although the Secret History of Mongols is being promoted in many parts of the world, I considered it more accessible to recreate it in digital form. With this work at the U.S. Congress Library, Mongol studies researchers and scholars will have the opportunity to not only read, but also listen and “experience” the chronicle.”

From the origins of Mongolians to Ogedei Khan’s succession to the throne, the Secret History of Mongols has a total of 12 chapters. The first ten chapters were written in 1228, a year after the passing of Genghis Khan. As for the last two chapters, it was written shortly before the passing of Ogedei Khan in 1240.