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 Danista Nomads Tour LLC, which has 12 years of experience in Mongolia’s travel and tourism sector. The trip brand was built based on our extensive sector experience and our clients’ suggestions and requests which are oriented in fully customized and flexible nature of tour adventure.

 Danista Nomads Tour, is most famous by hostel service and adventurous “Budget trip” for backpack travelers in Mongolian tourism sector.We organizing a variety of appealing trips  in Gobi , Central Mongolia, Western Mongolia -Kazakh nomads ,Northern Tsaatan people tours which all can be customized to fit travelers’ need while letting them have more flexibility in changing their tour itinerary and routes after trip starts for better travel experience. Each tour has activities as a group, but generally there are many opportunities for you to head out and explore on your own as well. If you have a particular interest, just let us know we will make sure you will have a great time in Mongolia.


Why travel with us

Why you should choose Mongolia as a travel destination?


•Meet locals with astonishing nomadic lifestyle, which you could not find elsewhere in the world

•Experience a nomadic life where mountainous and fertile pastures, wide steppe and desert are found

•Learn rich and profound history and culture of Mongolia
•Spend unforgettable life moments during truly adventurous itinerary with beautiful nature and wild life of Mongolia

•Our experienced tour advisors plan your trip according to your taste and preferences and give travel advice to you
•We monitor trip progress through keeping contact at regular intervals given the availability of network access

•We serve tourist with secure 4WD for your travel convenience
•We provide with highly qualified travel tools and equipment, including coverlets and tents
•We have accommodation in tourist camps with bathhouse and standard sanitary ware for travelers’ convenience. Some days tourists may camp along the wild river bank and lakeside, or stay the night at herder’s ger depending on tour condition and traveler’s interest

•We have secured travel food suppliers with reasonable and affordable pricing for your convenience during your trip
•We have contracted suppliers of horse and camels in each tour destinations and you can feel free to learn to ride and travel
•We have tour guides with more than 5 years of experience to help you guide through adventure

What makes our “Mongolian One Day “adventures special?

• We believe that scenery needs to be experienced, not just seen through a car window
•Professional and experienced tour team

•Flexible and customized tour agenda which meets with traveler’s demand at that moment of tour
•Learn to ride a camel and a horse
•Earn outdoor wilderness camping experience

•We have thousands of current, former and prospective clients and you can contact them and share experience.
If you have any questions regarding our adventure trips, please feel free to contact us at @email and @facebook page.
•Our specialized team is always happy to fulfill your requests to make your dream travel comes true.

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